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Invest, grow, win with Foros.

Experts calculate almost 900 million hectares of forest as an investable universe around the world. But the global forestry market is still highly fragmented and old-fashioned. Low innovation was a barrier for a true and transparent open market that gives the highest economic value - until Foros made green investments simple and accessible for everyone.

Here’s what we do:


We help easily evaluate and buy assets. Foreign investors usually face problems with local subcontractors and employees, but not with Foros - we do all the paperwork for you.


We provide an easy, transparent and secure way to manage your property and grow the value of your assets online. Once you’re ready, auction a forest internationally - you’ll see live bids placed by market participants.


We give access to the global forest market wherever you are. Attending auctions is fully accessible from a mobile phone and there’s 100% valuation transparency based on market data - you always know exactly what you’re buying and how much that can be worth at the current market price.

Sustainability is at the core of Foros

It’s time we change the way business is done. For decades, people have been satisfying their needs without a single thought about the impact on our forests.

We’re here to change that. By allowing forest owners to reap financial rewards from their forests sustainably, we’re ensuring healthy management of forest lands around the world.

Making green investments simple & accessible

1. Over 10 000 hectares of global forest are thriving with Foros.

2. Each month approximately 200 users take their part in forest auctions to find out the real value of forests, bid transparently, and win.

3. Foros has become the go-to marketplace for smart, simple investing in the forestry and sustainability market.